Ducky – “22 Years”

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What's This?

Out on June 30 through B. YRSLF DIVISION is Ducky‘s newest EP, You On Top. The LA based producer’s beats are lush and luxurious and unfold playfully beneath candidly hypnotic vocals on her track titled “22 Years.” Ducky repeats on loop, “I can do it myself/ Can you do it by yourself?” and the query seems as casual as it is pointed, spoken over a thick, bubbling baseline. Her voice is entrancing and speaks of love and death simultaneously without pause. Later in the track Ducky comments on romanticism poetically, “I mean the kind of heart that holds a lot of summer/ And in the winter doesn’t freeze over/ I know it’s cold but I brought you a thick skin/ And a train of thought to take back home again.” “22 Years” is available as a free download on SoundCloud so give it a few listens and be sure to check out the rest of You On Top while you’re at it.

Stream You On Top below.

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