Eagles For Hands – “Glass Heart”

Eagles For Hands - Glass Heart
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What's This?

There’ll come a time when I’ll have to sit back and watch the electronic music scene transform from my deathbed, but for the time being, I plan on watching it all unfold while at the helm of a music blog. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, I’d like to try and make sense of this mess. And secondly, I’d like to try and illustrate how darn progressive the scene is at this point in time.

One of the innovative minds behind this recent push for boundary-less productions is Laurie James Ross. Under the moniker, Eagles For Hands, Ross has been leading the way with his dark and industrial offerings. Sticking to what he knows best, Ross brings a hodgepodge of influences to his newest single, “Glass Heart.” From bass to dub, garage to trap, “Glass Heart” sees the Brit reaching for just about every sub-genre within his sight. Whatever it is that Ross has conjured up, though, it carries a strangely hypnotic vibe—and one that you can’t shake.

Matt Pendrill

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