Toronto’s Echlo Shares Vibrant Visuals For Debut Single “Got Me Drinking”

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What's This?

Trinidadian-Canadian artist Echlo (born Chloe Charles) delivers a vibrant music video for her debut single “Got Me Drinking,” a fiery pop-rock song about the tumult and torture of dating in the modern age. “Basically this song was about how fucked up dating has become and how crazy it can make you, more specifically, me,” Echlo told us in an email about the new track. Watch the brilliantly colored visuals above, premiered exclusively on IC.

Read the full statement from Echlo about her song “Got Me Drinking”:

I had been in relationships with no break since I was 16 and when I came out of the world of commitment, Tinder was the new thing. I had never been one to play games or censor myself for fear of scaring someone off or wait to call or worry about how someone could misinterpret me. If I like you, you know it. Suddenly I was faced with this strange superficial detached world where people stash lovers, have plan A through Z, where everyone is either scared of being trapped or is too quick to fall in love. Where everyone is juggling.
When I started dating I was shocked by how close people kept their cards. I started getting so many mixed messages. People pulling you in close and then pushing you away and repeating this over and over. It just felt like with this new world of dating apps, people don’t know how to connect naturally anymore. We are all so in our heads ticking boxes even before meeting, and then you’ve got this imaginary person who is going to be better than the real human sitting across from you.

Stay tuned for Echlo’s forthcoming debut album, Echolocation, out this October 26 on Kowloon Records.

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