Electro-Soul Producer Fishdoll Teases Debut LP Noonsense

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We’ve had our finger on the Fishdoll pulse for a minute, so we are positively stoked for her debut LP to drop on Paxico Records next month. Beijing’s Yuyu Feng (aka Fishdoll) previously made a name for herself as an exceptional soul vocalist, featured on tracks by Micah Jasper, Soft Glas, and Sports Coach‘s alter-ego Holm. While those collabs circulated the internet, she quietly shared a string of abstract, self-produced tracks that hinted at her more experimental preoccupations.

The anticipatory singles released ahead of Fishdoll’s debut album share a new angle of her artistry, placing greater emphasis on her uniquely cultivated brand of kinetic, often hallucinatory beat music. Fishdoll’s elegant vocal hooks continue to reveal themselves, but they’re often secondary to the track’s meticulous production. Our first taste of Noonsense was “Beijing Well,” a kaleidoscopic hit funky electro-soul that takes a page out of Kevin Parker‘s bass guitar playbook. After that came the surreal IDM adrenaline rush of “Toehead,” where Fishdoll conceals her vocals under mixed layers of percolating synth. Now we have “Panaluya,” Fishdoll’s captivating collaborative effort with Los Angeles producer Lionmilk.

Noonsense is out January 19. Watch Fishdoll’s newly shared video for “Toehead” below.

Angel E. Fraden

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