Ellie Goulding – “How Long Will I Love You (EMBRZ Remix)”

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Not too long ago, Jack Casey had us wrapped around his finger when—under his moniker, EMBRZ—he sent us into a state of euphoria with “Make Your Way“— a warm and luscious piece of electronica. It wasn’t long after listening to this single that we made our way over Casey’s SoundCloud, only to discover a goldmine of hidden gems. After making ourselves at home, we took a gander at his Facebook where we were happy to learn that this young Ireland-native was busy working on some new material. Now, after a seemingly unbearable wait, we have finally been given what we were waiting for; albeit, it might even be better than what we were expecting.

In surprising fashion, Casey has reached out to us with a rather interesting take on Ellie Goulding‘s newest lovelaced ballad, “How Long Will I Love You.” What was already a compelling single in its own right has been given EMBRZ‘s soft and delicate touch, which allows the original to rise above its rather sappy framework through minor inflections of bass, and light, flickering dabs of electronica. As a rich piano quietely languishes in the background, Ellie‘s gut-wrenching vocals float across the top where they are transformed and subdued. It’s a heavy dose of relaxation that you can’t help but be immersed into. So if you haven’t already, wrap yourself in Casey’s unavoidable warmth and embrace below:

Matt Pendrill

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