Fraems – Atlas

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The kinesthetic impulse of Atlas–the debut EP by Lost Tribes Records‘ newest signee Fraems–is meant to invigorate and seduce listeners with the least amount of sonic ornamentation possible. F. D’Abbraccio, an Italian producer and visual artist now based in Brighton, draws from several distinct touchpoints of UK dance music throughout his first solo release, but the most brilliant moments on Atlas are when his own cohesive aesthetic emerge.   

EP opener “Beneath” is a hypnotic, contrapuntal dance jam. Alternating between hefty, chest-rattling basslines, the signature electric piano grace notes of Floating Points anchor the groove in outer space. The propulsive, breakbeat rhythms maintain a swinging, jazz-conscious consistency that never quite lets up. The same can be said for “Foreverism,” even more rudimentary and unyielding than its predecessor. The result isn’t as unfulfilling as you’d expect. In fact, Fraems‘ most creative gestures often occur here and in the EP’s title track, where extensively looped phrases and rhythms augment and resound with striking subtlety: Repetition without tedium.

While most of Atlas is devoted to a kind of purist, left-field/IDM approach to dance music, producer Fraems’ closes the EP with a progressive pop venture called “Afterglow.” It’s bears some resemblance to the pacified fury of last year’s Jim-E Stack LP Tell Me I Belong, but the ceaselessly energetic cut attains a level of distinction that quickly surpasses any such comparisons. Motivated by a plushy, chop-screwed vocal sample, “Afterglow” sits comfortably at the cross-section of two very different worlds: a dank, sweaty, strobe-lit industrial hole in the wall; a surging, dusk-lit rooftop in the summertime.

Stream Fraems’ Atlas EP and watch his self-directed visual for “Beneath” (created with Google Earth) below.

Angel E. Fraden

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