Great Good Fine Ok – 2M2H

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What's This?

Yesterday, our favourite Brooklyn based synth duo released their sophomore EP, 2M2H, named after one of their show-stopping singles, “Too Much To Handle”. The EP starts strong with the title’s namesake, gripping listeners with the killer pop hooks that make this track so infectious. After listening to it for over a month, it’s still safe to say we think that this is one of the best Great Good Fine Ok tracks to date.

Not missing a beat, the EP carries on strong with the second track, “Without You.” Like “Too Much To Handle,” the track was released as a single earlier this month and quickly racked up over 30,000 plays on SoundCloud. In classic GGFO fashion, we hear the soaring synth and falsettos we’ve come to expect from their choruses, but with a sound all of its own.

The third track “Carried Away” is an interesting one. Not only is this the only track that wasn’t featured as a single prior to the release, it brings with it a whole new unprecedented sound to 2M2H. This track shows the versatility of the duo, as they use this track to show off their funkier side. Right from the first beat, the pair give listeners funk-fueled guitar riffs that blend perfectly into a chorus, much more subdued than elsewhere, but amazing in its own respect.

The EP comes to an end with the track “Something To Believe In” featuring St. Lucia. With their complementary musical styles, it’s no surprise that St. Lucia and GGFO would eventually collaborate, but to produce a song of this caliber the first go around is pretty unreal. St. Lucia’s vocals fit perfectly on the track; you would think the three had worked together for years. If this track gives us anything to believe in, it’s the beauty of collaboration.

I can’t say enough good things about this EP, but once aspect that’s really impressive is seeing how the pair has grown lyrically over the past year. If you’re able to stop dancing for a minute and listen to the lyrics of the songs, you’ll see that they actually touch on some serious topics like failed love and believing in something bigger than yourself.

Stream 2M2H via Spotify below.

Tori Holmes

Tori is a freelance copywriter and self-proclaimed music lover living in Amsterdam. Born and raised in Canada, she is using her time abroad to immerse herself in Europe's live music scene and spread the word of some her favourite Canadian indie bands. View all post →