Lane – Argot

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What's This?

An artist named Lane uploaded a three-track EP titled Argot yesterday, which you can download for free on Soundcloud or purchase for three bucks over at his Bandcamp. It’s a hugely impressive debut from this nascent producer, from Chicago, Illinois, who also plays bass for a band called Marrow: to describe this eight-minute piece of future-flinging, free-jazz beatwork as “strange” would be a horrifying understatement.

The abrasively smooth title track “Argot” initiates the chaos in a slew of stuttering and spastic, bass-heavy beats. Will Miller and Dustin Laurenzi delve headfirst into this massive production, respectively wielding trumpet and saxophone: It’s a head-rushing whirl of anxious boogie woogie (Miller plays with The O’My‘s and is featured on Chance The Rapper‘s “Good Ass Intro,” while Laurenzi is a member of the jazz ensemble Twin Talk) The following track, “One (Interlude),” places a gorgeous ruffle of doo-woped vocals (courtesy of Macie Stewart) at the center of a radiant but comparatively pacifying track that’s nonetheless absorbing. It’s on the closing track, though, where Lane is isolated and without accompaniment, that he presents his most eccentric and exuberant ideas thus far. Set against arpeggio synths and side-chaining range compressors, the sound of water droplets falling into a larger body of liquid is chopped, screwed and shattered. The track ends harsh and heavy, demanding another rotation and leaving you wanting more.

Stream Argot below.

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