Loom – Heartache

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U.K. producer Loom, otherwise known as Daniel Timms, describes his sound as “cold war grime.” The descriptor fits. Sounds harkening back to the legacy of the Cold War can be found throughout Loom’s work as industrial functionality and sonic depictions of doom evoke imagery of concrete brutalist buildings and derelict city centers.

European Heartche, Loom’s sophomore EP released through London’s Gobstopper Records, starts out promisingly with a cut titled “Ultraviolet Love Scene” that’s made most remarkable by its bare bones simplicity and gloomy romantic vibe. The second track, “Fractured Light,” begins unassumingly melodic but drops in hard after the one minute mark, creating a stark soundscape that’s as upbeat as it is haunted. Loom plays with genres on this EP, blurring lines with the use of drum and bass, raw synths and heavy distortion. The five-track release comes to a close with “Tracksuit,” an eerily beautiful, four-minute melancholic instrumental featuring a title that contains a subtle shoutout to Eastern Bloc fashion sensibilities. In reckoning with the question of centrality, Loom released a statement via Gobstopper Records that poses a question both timeless and also very rooted in current geopolitics:

“The core theme in my EP is a struggle with identity. What’s my identity when society dictates how I should present myself because of my race, sex, religion, sexual preference? What’s my identity when the borders keep changing, when I’ve been displaced, fled my country because of war, what’s my identity when my sex changes? Do I even know my own identity, or am I just portraying what I think is expected of me?”

That struggle with identity is paralleled by a musical quest, or perhaps more tellingly a lack thereof, for a unified sound. Ten out of ten, would recommend. European Heartache by Loom

Zoe Contros Kearl

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