Misun – Feel Better

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The Washington D.C. based trio Misun (pronounced ‘me•sun’) make simple, manicured pop songs, guided by a genuine affection for soul. Following the group’s 60s-inspired 2014 full-length Superstitions, their recently released Feel Better EP is less a homage to the past and more an audacious, aesthetic step forward. Opening track “After Me,” is a buoyant, devastatingly beautiful number, that’s further complicated by frontwoman Misun Wojcik’s lyrics–tackling themes of romance, insanity, and self-love in the face of apparent adversity. The following track “Nobody Knows” is a salient, uptempo response to the previous track’s solemn undertones, an uplifting R&B mantra motivated by a swift, staccato piano strut. “Try to maintain who you are but you’re frontin’, and everyone knows,” Wojcik croons, “And who am I to run away from things I can’t even explain?” It’s a universal anthem for acceptance, a call to embrace that which lies beyond the immediate periphery of our personal prejudices, set to a dubiously funky groove.

On these first two tracks, the Feel Good EP picks up incredibly strong, so much so that the remaining three tracks nearly fall flat in comparison. “Justice” is a bright-eyed, easy going, four-chord guitar shuffle, despite its rudimentary, unsatisfying lyrics (“You’re such a loser/ You never knew you’d see it coming”). When Misun do depart from the live band setup and delve into electronic territories on the downtempo electro-trap ballad “Far Away,” it’s understated and subtle but ultimately lacks the dynamism of their more physical efforts. The track is redeemed by one sonorous line–“Heaven only holds in our dreams”–and what very well may be the vocalist’s most impressive performance on the EP. The final track “Darkroom” is a rambunctious rock jingle that’s far too neat, clean, and unchallenging for its own good (picture it synced to one of those decade-old silhouette iPod commercials and you might begin to understand where I’m coming from). Overall, it’s a lasting piece of music that presents an exciting future for this still-maturing pop fusion outfit.

Stream Feel Better below.

Angel E. Fraden

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