Paul White – Visits The Seagull Mansion

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Last year, electronic producer Paul White (who gained initial acclaim by making beats for Danny Brown) released his R&S Records debut, Shaker Notes. The ethereal and introspectively soul-sensible productions of the full-length indicated a significant step forward from the high-energy hip-hop that makes up the better part of his discography. Shaker Notes was an understated feat that found Paul White coming into his own as a songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, while remaining faithful to his signature soundscapes and generally unconventional beat constructions.

And while White played nearly every note on Shaker Notes, the producer completely surrenders creative control on this newly released follow-up EP Visits The Seagull Mansion, also released by R&S. The four-track release, including two live renditions of Shaker Notes standouts, was recorded by a group of musicians from southeast London, one of whom being Paul White’s sister Sarah Williams White (The former stayed firmly rooted to his bass, while the latter took on backup vocal duties and rocked a tambourine.). These live versions give the music more breadth, more room for nuanced intricacies than the studio tracks could ever permit. It might be the effect of recording outdoors, but it also seems to speak to the individual players who contribute their own unique interpretations of each track.

The third track is a brand new offering from Paul White called, “Walk Talk Feel,” which features the up-and-coming Australian nu-jazz vocalist Jitwam. The song is an aesthetic outlier in several respects, boasting a harsh, indecisively driving beat that’s dense with syncopated, soul-stomping subtleties. It very easily could be the blueprint of an unreleased Hiatus Kaiyote track, with its sexy but artful groove and genre-demolishing integrity. The final track, “Follow It Through,” is a groovy instrumental that returns to the surreal hip-hop productions of White’s earlier years. Paul White is currently prepping new material with Jamie Woon, Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle and his new group Golden Rules.

Stream Visits The Seagull Mansion below.

Watch Seagull Mansion renditions of “Running On A Rainy Day” and “Honey Cats” performed live below.

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