The Zolas – Wino Oracle

The Zolas - Wino Oracle
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What's This?

This week, Vancouver-based indie-rock band The Zolas released their highly-anticipated EP, Wino Oracle. In the first release since their 2012 LP, Ancient Mars, The Zolas surprise fans with a sound remarkably different from their previous work. Throughout Wino Oracle, the band introduce listeners to the vibrant new experimental-pop sound they’re playing with.

Self-produced and recorded inside of founding member Tom Dobrzanski’s Monarch Studios in Vancouver, Wino Oracle begins with the track “Fell In Love With New York,” from which the EP’s title originates. The laid-back, tropical guitar in this track brings you right back to the dead of summer and sets the mood for the EP as a whole.

Second track, “Molotov Girls,” was released as a single earlier this year. This dance-pop track was an interesting choice of single, as it is clearly a standalone in regards to sound when grouped with the other tracks. Third track, “Male Gaze,” brings back the more classic experimental-pop mood that was set with “Fell In Love With New York.” The chorus and verse flow seamlessly, carrying listeners on the wave of rhythmic guitar that is featured throughout the song.

The final track, “Island Life,” gives listeners a sound that is more reminiscent of the band’s Ancient Mars-era work. Easily the darkest track on the EP, it feels less like a tropical vacation and more like a race through a deserted island. The EP may only be four tracks long, but the differences between each track show the true breadth of sound The Zolas are capable of. For fans that can’t get enough of the band’s newly acquired sound, you’re in luck! Wino Oracle precedes their upcoming full-length album, set for release in 2016.

Tori Holmes

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