Eyedress – “1990 (feat. Pyramid Vritra)”

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The recent recorded output of Philippines native electronic producer Idris Vicuña is senselessly versatile, terrifically strange in its refusal to find refuge in one singular style. Ranging from woozy slacker rock (“Sofia Coppola”), surreal chillwave (“You Make Me Feel”), deranged hypno-trap (“Witch Bitch”), and skewered, sample-based free jazz (“Sports”) the various productions of Eyedress revel in the creative freedom permitted by our post-Internet reality. 

Yesterday, Eyedress published a track called “1990,” featuring Pyramid Vritra, a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with an incredibly sharp flow. This relaxed, R&B groove fondles clever flute-like synthlines and blurry jazz guitar riffs, and it’s the perfect atmosphere for PV to stretch out and work his magic. Near the midway point, though, our guest rapper disappears. The instruments shift keys and the already sublime color brightens, like the best wake-and-bake you’ve never had.

Stream more cuts from Eyedress below.





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