Fishdoll Premieres New Song From Youngbloods Compilation Occult Lullabies

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What's This?

On August 10, the experimental, genre-spanning indie label Youngbloods will release a 12-track compilation titled Occult Lullabies, featuring some of the imprint’s most talented acts. It’s the third of a compilation series which this time aims to “capture the ethereal, macabre panorama of lullabies.” Brooklyn R&B soloist Zenizen, KNOWER‘s Genevieve Artadi, Stefanie Santana, Sontag Shogun and Annabel (lee) all contribute unreleased material to this beautifully cohesive collection of moody, ambient songs.

We’re extremely happy to premiere the opening number from Occult Lullabies, “You’ve Already Left” by Beijing producer and singer-songwriter Fishdoll (aka Yuyu Feng). We’ve been closely following Fishdoll’s phenomenal fusion of electronic-rock, R&B and soul ever since she relocated to China from New York City. But this one-off track occupies a very different world from her past material. Where most of her songs feel like beat music, “You’ve Already Left” is a quietly haunting psych-rock tune, with lyrics wracked by the shadow of an unrequited lover. For most of the song, our only source of rhythm is an isolated guitar riff and Yuyu’s emotionally exposed vocals. It’s by far the most beautiful Fishdoll song we’ve heard. Listen.

Read a statement from Fishdoll about her process for “You’ve Already Left”:

I usually tend to make peaceful music. But this project changed the way I think about my approach, and it gave me a theme that let me really dig into my dark side. Everyone has dark side, but now when I sit down and look at it, I see it is so real, and it’s beautiful to me. This song talks about hauntings and ghosts, seen as a different type or form of romance. You are chased by someone or you’re missing someone, it’s still out of love instead of hate. The loneliness hits you so hard when no one can help you but yourself.

Pre-order Occult Lullabies here.

Watch Fishdoll’s music video for “Beijing Well”.

Watch Fishdoll’s “Toehead” music video.

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