Flybear – “The Wilhelm Scream (James Blake Cover)”

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What's This?

Flybear is relatively unknown in the music scene. They have been around for a little over a year now, but short of the barebones description found on Soundcloud (which states that Flybear is a “producer/multi-instrumentalist. 19″), there is not much else known about the musician/producer.

One thing that is known, however, is that this kid can cook up some piping-hot beats. Flybear’s cover of “The Wilhelm Scream,” initially performed by James Blake, is a great take on the original. It starts out slow with an airy, R&B-coated voice, but after a few bars the song takes a misleading turn, erupts=ing into an infectious beat loop completely unlike the original. The new melody features a heavy bassline replete with percussive noises thrown in intermittently and Flybear’s voice looping throughout. It all comes together to make for an incredibly catchy tune.