Flying Lotus – "Such a Square"

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Flying Lotus - Such a Square

Flying Lotus is no stranger to heavy beats and experimental samples. For years now, he has crafted singles that many people have found spastic and hard to listen too. For this reason, it was no surprise that the LA producer broke the mould of electronics late last year with his not-so cookie-cutter album, Until the Quiet Comes.

As strange as it was, the album instilled Flying Lotus‘ position as a producer and planted him right in the heart of a movement. With its use of majestic keys and thumping beats, it was able to reel him in a new fan-base of listeners that were able to sort through the ruckus, and find the hidden gems that lay underneath; most notably, “All In” and “Only if You Wanna.”

Although both singles were able to provide me with a brief period of relaxation, my growth as a listener has caused me to leave these singles behind and reach for something heavier; something a lot like Lotus‘ newest single, “Such a Square.”

As deep and hard-hitting as it may be, “Such a Square” displays just as many skilful techniques as any Flying Lotus fan can handle. With every mind-boggling new sample that he puts into the mix, the more creative you can see he becomes. Whether they are opposing samples or not, Lotus is able to find a way to throw them together into one clean arrangement. What’s more, in the mere minute and a half that he has set aside for the track, he is able to make “Such a Square” surprisingly progressive, and still leave each listener wanting more.

To find out what I’m getting at, you can choose to stream the single below, or take the more adventurous route and watch the trippy new accompaniment instead. Either way, there is no wrong decision.

Matt Pendrill

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