Four Is The Magic Number!

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Bloc Party - Four

Bloc Party are back! Just when you thought that Bloc Party had hit the road, the British indie-rock band have returned with a full package just waiting to hit your shelves.

After months of speculation of a Bloc Party reunion, the quartet have finally come together. The band has been pretty mum since their single “One More Chance” released in June 2009, and at the time drummer Tong had said that “the band needed to have a break and gain a bit of perspective on life oustide of the band,” with the other three members starting on their own respective projects. Frontman Kele Okereke released his solo album The Boxer, bassist Gordon Moakes made a record with Young Legionnare, and Lissack released an album with side-project Pin Me Down.

Tong also said “I definitly don’t think this will be the last you will hear of the people that make up Bloc Party, and hopefully if we do reconvene at some point in the future we’ll be refreshed and have so many ideas to bring to what it is we do”. And that point in the future, is now!

After a three year hiautus, Bloc Party will be releasing a new album titled Four after having stirred back into the band life last year. Writing new material, the band commenced on their fourth album by jetting out to the United States. The album has been produced by Death Cab For Cutie/The Mars Volta twiddler Alex Newport and it’s a follow up to their 2008 LP Intimacy.

The album Four will be released in late August, but in the meantime the band have posted a short video trailer for the upcoming studio album. From a listen, it seems that the guys are going back to what made Bloc Party‘s first album Silent Alarm so electryfying and brilliant. With Kele‘s voice in as good a shape as ever, the trailer brings back the days of “So Here We Are” and “Kreuzberg”. While, the infusion of grunge punk/rock elements being played too, appears to be an indication of the experimental days when the guys were working on their individual projects.

Kele once said “I used to be in the band, and I will again. I’m looking forward to seeing the other guys and making music with them.” From the 3 minute, 27 second trailer, that the guys have released, one can rest asure that the music Bloc Party set-out to make Four one of the biggest, quickest, and eagerly-awaited selling albums of the year. But for that, only time will tell.

Shawn James

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