Girls Names – “Reticence”

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“We’ve got nothing. We’ve never had anything. And we don’t expect to,” says Girls Names frontman Cathal Cully on the press release for the band’s new album Arms Around A Vision, “The only person I ever wanted to impress was myself. I’ve never got anywhere close to succeeding in doing that until this album. I’m proud of it. I think I can start saying I’m a musician now.” The fiery opening track featured on the Belfast, Ireland group’s forthcoming record, “Reticence,” does much to indicate this artistic maturation. The song title’s Latin etymology defines the word as “remaining silent,” a sentiment that’s clearly neglected on this raging, two-part escapade of clamorous guitar hysterics and chugging post-punk rhythms. The opening section is brash and unforgivingly loud, mustering up the ruthless energies expressed on Viet Cong‘s brilliant self-titled earlier this year. But 75 seconds in, when the tension dissolves and the beat drops, the band eases into a slick, starry-eyed groove.

Watch the music video for Girls Names 2013 track “Hypnotic Regression” and peep the tracklist for Arms Around A Vision below. The record is out October 2 via Tough Love Records.

1. Reticence
2. An Artificial Spring
3. Desire Oscillations
4. (Obsession)
5. Chrome Rose
6. A Hunger Artist
7. Málaga
8. Dysmorphia
9. (Convalescence)
10. Exploit Me
11. Take Out the Hand
12. I Was You

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