Gold Spectacles – “Lately”

Gold Spectacles - Lately
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What's This?

We’ve seen a lot of talented new artists come out of London recently, and Gold Spectacles are no exception. This self-described baroque-pop du0 formed in 2012, but we only first heard them last year with the release of the track “Steal You Away.”

Their most recent single, “Lately,” brings a new twist to their unique sound. This track is more upbeat than some of their previous releases, but the duo proves they know when to slow things down and focus on the lyrics. The minimalist chorus gives a strength to the song that would be lost if prominent production or instrumentals were incorporated. As in previous tracks, the female singer comes in at just the right moments to soften her male counter-part’s vocals.

Our fondness for the duo has grown with each new single, so here’s to hoping they can continue to impress us in 2015.

Tori Holmes

Tori is a freelance copywriter and self-proclaimed music lover living in Amsterdam. Born and raised in Canada, she is using her time abroad to immerse herself in Europe's live music scene and spread the word of some her favourite Canadian indie bands. View all post →