Philly’s GREAT TIME Share Surreal Dance Rock, Limitless Soul On Debut LP

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What's This?

The highly anticipated debut LP from Philadelphia three-piece GREAT TIME is one of the craziest things we’ve heard all year. GREAT TIME cite such bands as Nirvana, Little Dragon, Incubus and Sufjan Stevens as inspirations, but their dynamic range of songs and sensibilities make this three-piece a truly incomparable outfit. From funky reggae party to smooth electro-soul, progressive hip-hop to barebones folk rock, psych-rock to futuristic R&B-pop, GREAT ALBUM does the damn thing with inventive grace and boundless skill.

GREAT TIME’s principal songwriters and producers Zack Hartmann, Donnie Spackman and Jill Ryan tapped Mike Haldeman and Rahm Silverglade (of altopalo) as well as local MCs and vocalists Kingsley Ibeneche, Mike Larry Drew, The Bul Bey, and Omar Sherod on the final, fourteen-track cut. Zack, Donnie and Jill were originally based in NYC before relocating to Pennsylvania to build the studio for their debut record. The crowdfunded studio was built practically from scratch by these three heroes of underground music. Stream GREAT TIME’s GREAT ALBUM on Spotify below.

Tracks we love: “Leave A Light On”, “Treebeet”, “Dag’ron”, “Fruitrip”, “Rah’n Tah’n Kregg”

Angel E. Fraden

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