Grim Chimney – “The First Time I Saw Your Face (Again)”

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What's This?

Los Angeles-based Grim Chimney released their debut track, “The First Time I Saw Your Face (Again),” this month—just in time for a quickly approaching summer. The release is an uptempo yet fitting homage to heartbreak and nostalgia, to the metallic aftertaste that can accompany emotional relapse.

Fronted by Sam Doniger, Grim Chimney edges the boundary between dark and light  both sonically and through lyrics cataloguing a meeting between the present and the past, “Where do the memories end/ And you begin.” The band’s sound is based in folk and made modern through bubbling synths and clean production. With Doniger, guitarist Alex Crane, bassist Jack Gallagher, Jeremy Katzenstein on the keys, and Ben Zelico on drums, Grim Chimney is a band made up of five dudes with a persistent sound and a new track that’s perfect listening for all the sunny days to come.

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