Zambian-Dutch DJ-Producer Happy New Tears Shares Rave Stomper “R U Ready”

photo by Jan-Willem Ploegers
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What's This?

Berlin-based artist Happy New Tears is not only a phenomenal DJ and a sickening producer–she’s also a burgeoning philanthropist who used her recent, post-COVID radio tour to raise money for the Black Lives Matter Movement. (All proceeds will be equally donated to the QTIBIPOC Therapy Fund Berlin, Center for Black Equity and Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. Receipts will be shared in the 34th week for transparency.) As a Dutch native of Zambian heritage making music and DJing in Berlin, the importance of Black and Brown inclusivity in underground dance music circles is surely close to her heart.

Starting off at Berlin Community Radio and No Shade–a collective, club night series & DJ training program for femme, trans and non-binary DJs–Happy New Tears has already made a reputation for her introspective, yet playfully upbeat sets. “R U Ready” is her second offering, an aggressive trance-pop anthem made for the raves. Mixed and mastered by Parisian beat maker Ytem, Happy New Tears describes the track as “an exploding missile fueled with intuitive power”. Listen.

Stream Happy New Tears’ debut track, “Evasive”,  released on Netherlands label traumgarten’s 30-track compilation Flowers that Bloom at Midnight (“All proceeds will be split between the Boat Refugee Foundation and Black Queer & Trans Resistance Netherlands, an LGBTI+ community and activist group countering racism, transphobia and homophobia through marches, intergenerational meetups and archival work.”).

Watch Happy New Tears’ most recent set for HÖR BERLIN below.

Angel E. Fraden

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