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What's This?

Last week, the electronic-soul band HONNE, comprised of frontman Andy and producer/multi-instrumentalist James performed atop the chic, Manhattan hotel venue, the East Village Standard. HONNE borrows their name from the Japanese word, meaning true feelings or desire. True to form, the duo performed smooth songs imbibed with emotion, which washed over a willing crowd. The band opened their set with, “Warm on a Cold Night” as the sun disappeared behind the Manhattan skyline on a crystal-clear night. The London-based duo ushered in the night while performing sexy lullaby after sexy lullaby with suave beats echoed in the casual head nods and slow swaying of well-dressed Manhattanites.

Despite the low-key tunes, the intimate space was packed wall-to-wall with an enthusiastic crowd. The two Brits effortlessly performed many of their more popular songs, such as “Gone Are The Days” and “3am,” which have allowed them to firmly mark out a distinctive sound amidst the crowded soundscape of British electro pop. Towards the end of their hour-long set, they brought on special-guest Naomi to perform the newly released track, “Someone that Loves You” feat Izzy Bizu.

Throughout the set, the duo was brimming with enthusiasm. At one point, Andy gleefully remarked, “This is the best place ever!” in a charming, British accent as he stood in front of glass walls providing glimpses of the stellar penthouse view. The two have a lot to look forward to in the near future. HONNE will be performing at UK’s Glastonbury Festival in June. Their debut album drops July 22 on Tatemae Recordings.