Hurry – “Oh Whitney”

Hurry - Oh Whitney
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What's This?

Indie-rockers are yelling again, but still few of them can match the humble grandeur of Philadelphia crescendo junkies Everyone Everywhere. Their self-titled 2012 LP emotes and twinkles all over the place in the great tradition of all the Kinsella acolytes slugging it out across PA’s eastern counties. EE exist at a time when bands like this are being written about, and frontman Mike Scottoline simply has more sensitivities and exacting turns of phrase than one band can handle. The other project he sings in is Hurry, and leave it to one of Scottoline’s yearning melodies to make me forget about that determinably horrible television program and remember that Whitney is also a reluctant girl who used to come over after work sometimes and talk to you in your bedroom. “Oh Whitney” is a fuzzy, mid-tempo Weezer paean, gliding over an assured and classic 90’s riff. It’s no mistake that Hurry recently opened for golden-age revivalists Yuck when they played Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Seems like Scottoline will be saving the shouting for EE’s next, highly anticipated album. For now, Hurry can scratch our gentler itch.