Indian Joy – “Nightly”

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At times when I see members of a band do solo projects I tend to get worried due to the fact that half of the time it doesn’t sound good. It’s a waste of time for both the artist and fan listening to something dull or mundane. This isn’t the case for Jorge da Fonseca who happens to be in the sunny indie pop band Los Waves. Fonseca recently released an EP titled Sea of Seeds under the moniker Indian Joy. The Libson native really does have an ear for music and the opening track “Nightly” really does fit the whole dreamy surf aesthetic that has been common lately, I will even say that it sounds better than the majority of the stuff out there. “Nightly” starts off with an eerie sample of grasshoppers chirping then switches to an abundance of melodies, my ear also seems to catch a organ in the background, and this nostalgic beat that seems to shimmer its way into the night. Not to mention Fonseca’s soothing vocals singing “You say you want to live free” which adds another layer of lush goodness to the track. I highly recommend you all to listen to the rest of the EP which contains more dreamy nostalgic gems. An exciting debut from Jorge da Fonseca.

Manuel Lemus

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