Interview: Deafen The Creatures

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Interview: Deafen the Creatures As anyone will tell you, folk music has been on the rise in the past couple of years with bands like The Civil Wars and Mumford & Sons becoming widely popular without losing their sound to the mainstream bigwigs. Another band to have sprung up in this boom are Deafen The Creatures. Although they are part of this folk phenomenon, they definitely can’t be strictly put in the unkempt-and-tambourine corner. With the unexpected use of laptops and keyboards from Chris Paton and Daniel ‘Fin Queen’, this band merge the old and the new without having any clash, and they do it well. Combine this with the powerful vocals of Elinor Gray and Kirean Joice’s acoustic excellence, and you have their classic sound with a refreshing twist.

I recently had a quick little Q&A with them at one of their biggest gigs so far, where they played in front of a couple hundred of people. While this may not seem like a lot, anyone who has braved the stage themselves will know, even the smallest crowd can be daunting.

Indie Current: So where are you guys from?

Deafen The Creatures: All over the place, and Elinor is from LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts).

IC: And how long have you been together?

DTC: Around two years. Things have been stop/start for a couple of months but now we’re really on track now.

IC: Who would you say your biggest influences are?

DTC: I suppose the same as many other bands; loads.

Elinor: Joanna Newson.

Chris Paton: The Subways.

Daniel ‘Fin Queen’: John Hopkins.

Kieran Joice: Elbow.

IC: What’s the recording process like because of your use of electronics?

DTC: We use a home studio but we’ll be doing our album professionally.

IC: What about the future? Any tour plans?

DTC: We’re hoping to get an album done for this year and then see how it goes from there. We want to expand the band as well, we’d like a bassist and we’ll start looking for one soon.

After the interview and show, I could help but get the feeling that this friendly bunch feel like a lot like a softer version of Bon Iver with their heartfelt lyrics and great harmonies. For this reason I highly suggest you checkout their EP This World Of Ours on their Bandcamp, and their YouTube for lots more free entertainment. While the band may seem like an egg amongst the rest right now, their fantastic EP has helped prep us for a lot more great music in the future.

Matt Pendrill

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