Fickle Friends Discuss New Album

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Few bands have mastered the art of pop songwriting as well as Brighton-based band, Fickle Friends. Since bursting on the scene at the start of 2014, the five-piece have been on an absolute tear, releasing one irresistibly catchy tune after another. Having recently signed to esteemed Universal Music imprint, Polydor, the group are poised for stardom. Before they’re too busy to bother with blogs like our own, though, we thought we’d catch up with the band to discuss their writing process, their new album, and, of course, their plans to tour North America.

Read our full interview below and listen to their ripping new single “Cry Baby” after the jump.

How did you all meet?

We all met at uni in Brighton. The city of dreams 😉

What has been your favourite song to record?

Well we are in the middle of recording the album but I guess so far it’s probably a song called “Useless.” It’s magic and it’s no way near finished yet.

How has working with Mike Crossey changed the way you write music?

It’s meant that we think so much more about different ways to layer parts up and utilize mad ways of recording. Re-amping shit… making everything sound totally unique. We have a writing room in the studio and because we’re out here in LA and in such a free, creative atmosphere I’ve found we’re writing some of the best material to date.

During my research for this interview, I noticed that you removed videos for “Say No More” and “For You” from your YouTube channel. Are there plans to re-release these music videos?

Not as they are now. We kinda wanted a clean slate going into the album campaign. Everything is very focussed now and the whole vibe and aesthetic of the band is becoming so much more consistent and slick. I want all of our videos to reflect that so it made sense to take those down and we will come back to them within this album campaign with new ideas.

You’ll be performing at a handful of festivals over the next few months. Which are you most excited to play?

I think it has to be Reading and Leeds. We’ve never played before and to be asked to join such an insane lineup on a stage like that (NME/Radio 1) still feels a little ludicrous to us. It has the potential to be the highlight of our summer.

What can we expect from your forthcoming album?

A lot of surprises. It’s looking more and more like an alternative-pop record with indie sensibilities. We’re experimenting so much and the writing has developed a lot over the past few months. “Cry Baby” is just the beginning of that.

What have you been listening to recently?

We’ve been listening to the new HONNE record a lot. Phantogram, Clean Cut Kid, Roosevelt, the new Blood Orange record, Chance the Rapper, Justice. Everything? Haha.

Are there plans for a North American tour?

No plans as of yet but being here in Cali and playing at SXSW this year has really made us want to tour out here. I think we have to get it going a bit more back in the UK before we can justify touring across the water. But I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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