Interview: MYSTYRYS

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Interview: MYSTYRYS

Since relocating to London, I’ve have had many opportunities to meet new people. As I’ve come to realize, the city is a hotbed of musically-inclined individuals, with no shortage of talent running around. Recently, while I was attending a meeting, I was reminded of this when I got to talking with a tall British bloke named Jon. As it so happens, Jon—like the rest of those in the surrounding area—was involved in the music scene. He had spent a great deal of time making his dream come true by starting up his own record label, and was even apart of a small psych-rock trio by the name of MYSTYRYS, who I hear have a penchant for creating scuzzy, distorted prog-rock. Intrigued by this, I decided to strike up a conversation, wherein I learned more about MYSTYRYS and the label behind them. The conversation went as follows:

Indie Current: Tell us a bit about yourself, your roots, background, and how the band came to be?

MYSTYRYS (Jon): MYSTYRYS was originally formed as a 2-piece. Adam and Sagar frequented some pretty dingy London rehearsal spaces before they began to write music within the same vein as Natural Dreamers, Liars, and Women. I joined the band not long after and added a bit of low-end structure to what was some pretty amazing stuff they had already put together. We’d all had band connections before, so it seemed to make sense lineup wise. Not long after, we decided to start putting out records, and—in the process—formed our own label called Psychic Healing Network. So far we’ve put out a number of our own singles on cassette, worked on a 7″ for an awesome post-punk band from LA called The Vivids, and released an EP for the totally amazing Sarah Johns Music Party.

IC: What are your influences towards the music you produce?

M: We’re influenced by a lot of stuff. As I said, Natural Dreamers and Liars were huge influences. We’ve grown to take on a whole lot of other bands, too: Deerhoof, Red Krayola, lots of 60s psych and garage stuff, and even some Dischord. Loads of different things are brought together to form what we hope is a pretty unique sound.

IC: Your most memorable/exciting and embarrassing experience on stage?

M: Thankfully, I don’t think we’ve done too many embarrassing things on stage. Our equipment breaks all the time and I’m regularly kicking leads out of my pedals; it’s a pretty unpolished live show, but hopefully it’s an exciting one. Some of the best parts about putting on our own shows is picking the bands we play with. Bands like Soft Arrows, Ice, Sea, Dead People, Playlounge, Nature Channel, Here Lies Goliath and loads of others. We love these bands and it’s always a pleasure to play with them. We’ve also done shows with the Zine & Not Heard and Vested Interest guys, too—both of which have been particular highlights.

IC: What are you plans at the moment, for the future? Any albums in the works or tours in the pipeline?

M: We’re working on an album at the moment. Last year we spent a lot of time working on label stuff, so early 2014 is going to be spent finishing writing and recording an album. We hope to go on tour, as well.

IC: If you had to pick a musician/band to collaborate with, who would it be?

M: This is a tough one; we’ve all got crazily different influences so it would be difficult to pick one for the band. If I was to choose though, I would have to say Kim Deal and/or all the American bands featured on 4AD from the 90s onwards: The Breeders, Throwing Muses, Pixies, etc… I can only hope my teenage dreams come true.

Shawn James

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