Interview: Polock

Interview Polock
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My love for the Polock started around my early years of high school. Their debut album, Getting Down From The Trees, was always on rotation as I rode the bus to school. Now, the Valencia based band is back with their sophomore album, Rising Up (Nacional), proving that they are able to weather the “sophomore slump.” Tracks like “Everlasting” and “Bronze” surely show the growth and dedication of the band’s continuing sound of heart warming tunes and colorful synthesizers. I wanted to learn about the band’s experience with this album and decided to email them. Sure enough, I was greeted by Alberto Rodilla who plays synths in the band.

Indie Current: Who illustrated the new album artwork and what does it represent?

Polock (Alberto): It was illustrated by artist Carla Fuentes here from Valencia, but now living in Madrid. Sometimes known as littleisdrawing. She has been part of the project since the beginning as she was like any other member. This time we have focused all the art to the life around boxers, more than just the boxing. The figure of the boxer, and the intense and extravagant lives they had like Cassius Clay in the case of the front cover.

IC: What have you been doing since you released your last album, Getting Down From the Trees, apart from making new music?

Polock: Learning. Listening to new music. Watching films. But mostly working at the studio. This album has cost much time from our lifes.

IC: Although you are from Valencia, Spain, your lyrics are written in English. I was wondering whether or not your new album would have more of a Spanish influence?

Polock: Maybe in the sense of the environment where we have worked in. We wanted to have a great recording experience so we chose this time to work at home in the months of spring and summer near our hometown. We rented a beautiful house in the country, really near the studio. So yes, I suppose all that is reflected on the album.

IC: Apart from Delorean, is there any other Spanish artists and/or bands you think deserve some attention across the pond?

Polock: Sure many of them! But right know as video artist, Canada Film producers make really own style and beautiful music videos. It would be nice to work with such a great team sometime. And Ruben Vega is a really cool photographer.

IC: Do you think your mentality and perspective on music has changed? If so, what has changed and how did you guys approach the new material differently than the last album?

Polock: I think the mentality is basically the same. Make music with the heart. Make what we love. Just that now we know how to approach that more easily. We have developed a working process and learned many tools to reach our goals.

IC: What is your songwriting process like? What were some of the inspirations that contributed to the writing for the new album?

Polock: Papu brings some ideas to the studio and we work on them for days, weeks or months until we give it a definite form which we are happy with. Inspiration may have come from many different places in such a long process like our composing and recording. But we’ve heard old funk and soul from the 70s like Gil Scott Heron, synth pop from the 80s or film soundtracks that we love, apart from the actual artists that we love to discover.

IC: What are some influences that came to play in the new album? What kind of sound were you trying to go for?

Polock: Some kind of very bright mix of guitar rock of all times and synth pop. I really don’t know what we were approaching. We just relied on our instinct, on what we liked and what we didn’t. It wasn’t so premeditated. We just knew we wanted it to sound big.

IC: Finally, I read an interview a long time ago, around 2011, where they asked you about the music scene in Spain. Have things changed in anyway from that time to now?

Polock: Well, yeah. The music industry is in the middle of a big change. Its about continuously adapting. Now the band has to maintain a constant communication with their followers and be able to always offer something new and look for new opportunities. It’s basically the same but introducing new technologies. We are happy to have a more direct communication with our followers.

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