Interview: Sizzy Rocket

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I recently interviewed the Brooklyn based artist Sizzy Rocket about her newly released single “Kingpin,” her upcoming debut album THRILLS, the future/past/present, and things not otherwise specified. Sizzy Rocket, hailing from Las Vegas, spends most of her time in New York living and working but sometimes ventures to the palm trees of LA to do dope, unspecified shit. Aside from her upcoming work as a solo artist, Rocket was just featured on record charting single with Flosstradamus and Run The Jewels titled “Don’t Trip.” “Kingpin” is unmistakably idiosyncratic, spoken word banger coming in at a little longer than a minute. It hints at shades of what’s next to come. The first official single from Rocket’s first full-length album THRILLS is scheduled to be released this month in conjunction with a music video, so keep an eye trained on this twenty-something vocal charmer.

Indie Current: What would you describe your genre as?
Sizzy Rocket: It’s going to be difficult for people to categorize this album as any genre. I guess it’s pop, or alternative pop, but it was written over such a long period of time and influenced by so many different artists that it’s going to be hard to pin down. You can hear the Peaches in it, you can hear the 80’s pop, you can hear the Drake and the Frank Ocean influence…it’s all over the place but it’s very me. I don’t think people care much about genres anymore anyway.

IC: What’s your favorite lyric of your own?
SR: I think my favorite lyrics I’ve written aren’t on this record. They’re from a song called Milk that’s too personal to put out on this album. Basically it’s about falling for someone who never loved me back, but led me to believe that they could and then disappeared. The line is, “Tell me why I drank all the milk and I still cracked my bones”. The whole song lyrically is my masterpiece. Maybe I’ll put it out one day.
IC: What’s your favorite lyric or lyrics by someone else?
SR: Maybe the hook in “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails (I wanna fuck you like an animal / you bring me closer to God). I think it’s just so visceral, like you can feel what he’s saying with your body and it’s so vibrant and sexual. Trent is a genius.
Indie Current: Inspiration for “Kingpin”?
Sizzy Rocket: Sometimes when I go in the studio and I start making a track that I don’t hear melodies over, I’ll just talk over it. That’s what I did with the Flosstradamus track. It’s kind of like a Peaches/Princess Superstar thing that I started doing. Benny Reiner, the producer, and I wrote “Kingpin” in literally 10 minutes, with no intention of making it into a full song. It’s just cool as is. I definitely wanted to take on a certain masculinity with it lyrically. I mention Kurt Cobain, all my bitches say I fuck like a CEO, you know these are very masculine things to imply.
IC: Favorite spare time things to do / parts of NY or LA / any little things you’d want to tell about yourself?
SR: I’m still making zines. The 3rd issue of the THRILLS series will come out to coincide with the album. Other than that, I usually just lock myself in my room and write, or watch campy horror films. I like bad movies.
IC: Favorite time of day?
SR: Definitely the morning, everything feels very pure and I get to start over with my coffee intake.
IC: Musicians you consider to be your contemporaries?
SR: I get compared to Charli XCX and Halsey a lot. It’s cool, I guess they’re my contemporaries. It’s cool to see all of these female solo artists coming up, girl power, like we’re in control now.
IC: Musicians you idolize?
SR: I idolize Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Courtney Love, Blondie, Peaches and James Murphy, and Karen O as well. Obviously, Jack White is my favorite person ever, besides Andy Warhol.
IC: Weirdest place you’ve performed or weirdest story related to something that happened during your music career?
SR: I’ve performed a lot of places…I guess going to Tokyo in 2013 was the weirdest most random thing that’s happened to me so far. My friend literally called me up and was like, “do you want to write music in Tokyo for a week” and I was like “ummm yeah”. So we just went out there and got lost in the city and I figured out the sticker photo booth machine even though it was in Japanese. And then I wrote “from Tokyo with love” on his arm in cursive and he got it tattooed there.
IC: Dream place to perform?
SR: Madison Square Garden is a classic dream of mine.
IC: Dream musicians to perform alongside?
SR: Courtney Love, or Peaches, or Katy Perry. I have these weird daughter feelings toward Katy.
IC: Has it always been your dream to be a musician/performer and when did you know it was?
SR: It was never really a realization like, “When I grow up, I want to be a performer.” I just kind of always did it. I started piano lessons when I was 4 and was doing professional performances by age 9. It was just always a part of me. I became Sizzy Rocket when I was 17 after reading the book Please Kill Me and discovering Blondie and Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground. After that I wanted a persona and the name just fit because I was wild and young and stupid, and I still am.
IC: A sentence to describe yourself best.
SR: “I do it for the thrills”.

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