Interview: Tall Ships

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Interview: Tall Ships

Ahoy there! Tall Ships have set sail, and I dont mean the literate figure. Tall Ships, the Brighton indie-rockers made up of: Ric Phetean (vocals, guitar, and synths), Matt Parker (bass and sampler), and Jamie Bush (drums and bass), have set on their course quite well, and with the launch of their new album Everything Touching now into release, the boys have begun to tour Europe as well as taken the time to meet with us in Malta.

Performing at The Nil By Mouth Sessions Day 1, the three sailors set some ever-impressive waves with their mesmerizing album and left the audience with racing hearts, bouncing bodies, and a chorus chanting for more.

We took the time to ask them about the meaning behind their name, who’d they’d like to colloborate with, and thier inspirations and roots.

Indie Current: What are your roots, background history?

Tall Ships: Ric – Me and Jamie the drummer, we used to play in cover bands together when we were kids. We used to play Green Day, Blink 182 and Lit, then we stopped. Then we went to university and that’s where we met Matt the bass player, and we started up playing in my house. I used to live in a brothel, (laughing) it used to be a brothel, it wasn’t a working brothel. It was a very big house, and we had this one room, where we set up all our equipment, and we would just practice in there. We would just drink beer, and do it for fun. And then our friend asked us if we wanted to play a gig, and we said yes. Then we decided on the name and we played the gig, and it went well and we enjoyed it. Then we deiced to set up from then on, and we’ve been lucky enough to keep playing and even get to Malta, which is incredible.

IC: Where did the name come from?

TS: We started in Falmouth, which is a small fishing village in Cornwall England, and they have tall ships everywhere. It’s like the most, cheesey, rubbish name we could have chosen. We chose cause its basically Falmouth. They have tall ships festivals, loads of stuff with tall ships, it was the most Falmouth name, we could have chosen.

IC: Any influnces?

TS: Loads, like when we were kids, we liked Green Day, and Blink 182, stuff that all kids liked. Then when were growing up, we heared Biffy Clyro, when they released their first album. It just blew our minds, it was incredible, they were a huge influence on us, when we were fourteen, fifteen, all the way through to when we were twenty. Like we followed them passionately, and then during that we came across Battles, and Battles are the most important rock band. And then are Sigur Ros, who are like phenomenal. They are the three core bands, that shaped our idea of music. With Biffy Clyro, we really connected lyrically, in Battles it was really exciting, fresh, very new modern sounding guitar music, and then Sigur Ros, just the live element. Their live shows is what music is all about, so emotional, and tense.

IC: Your most exciting experience?

TS: Malta. This is incredible, for us to be able to come over, fly to a small island, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and we’ve never been here. We never thought that we’d get here, and to be able to come here and have people sing-along, like it’s amazing. It’s very humbling. It’s awesome, to come here and be treated so well, and have people who know your songs. That’s what it’s about. We came here, and said we hope there’s people there, people who care about what we do, and to have them all there, to sing and dance.

IC: Any plans for the future, albums, the future of Tall Ships?

TS: Well our first album comes out on monday. We’re gonna tour that in the UK, then in Europe, and hopefully keep doing this.

IC: Any colloborations that you’de like to colloborate with?

TS: Ric – The uncoll side of me would say George Michael, that would be amazing. I love Wham, they’re one of my favourite bands. Craig David aswell. It’s a toss-up between the two

IC: What’s the most rewarding thing for Tall Ships?

TS: We appreciate it so much when people turn up, and you can see that they’re enjoying it, and enjoying with us when they’re singing along. When someone comes up to you and knows the names and words of your songs. When people get something out of your music.

Shawn James

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