Introducing: FLAMINGO

Introducing - Flamingo
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There’s a glossy sheen to the warbling, soulful melodies of FLAMINGO that find some kind of harmonic convergence through disparate forms of electronic and instrumental sounds. The crisp, sophisticated style of their production makes us wonder what they sound like live, probably channeling the alluring prestige of two-step sad rock groups like Darkside and Vondelpark. When an electronic act like FLAMINGO incorporates the practice of live instrumentals to the recording and performance process, it adds a tangible layer to a genre of music that has become more and more insincere with each new drum kit or synthesizer. The inclusion of vocals in songs like “Heart, My” and “Laissez-faire,” feel raw, inexperienced and honest, bearing a stark resemblance to the husky tambor of Chet Faker‘s hollow vocals.

FLAMINGO, a three-piece electronic act hailing from Adelaide, Australia, are complicated. Since last January, the group has released a handful of sharp, catchy tunes that combine the energetic propulsion of electro-pop with the softer meanderings of rhythm and blues. On tracks like “Watch It Blow Up,” echo chambered minor guitar chords struggle with treacherous bassy undertones and crystalized synth. Here, in contrast to their other, more gratifying songs, FLAMINGO falters on melancholy and prevails as emotionally evocative. “Watch It Blow Up” falls into a very immediate sadness, especially when heard directly before the preceding track on their Soundcloud page, “O.T.H.A.F.A.” which sounds like a dance party hopped up on shrooms. Perhaps their most infectious track, however, is “Laissez-faire,” a minimal, steel drum-featuring, downtempo R&B ballad—Jamie xx production over inflated, soul-centric vocals.

Listen to FLAMINGO‘s personal influences on October’s Dance Club Sydney mix, featuring Mount Kimbie, Nicolaas Jaar, and Bonobo here.

Angel E. Fraden

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