Introducing: Harting

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What's This?

In an atmosphere rife with synthetic mediocrity, there’s perhaps nothing more refreshing than an honest guitar band. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Harting. The East Sussex trio recently released debut demos “Wired” and “Innocence” to rave reviews. Their up-tempo beats and dark beach inspired riffs, at times reminiscent of Foals, are wonderfully put together. This is all the more impressive, considering none of the three members are over sixteen.

Speaking to us, the prodigious trio alluded to some of the challenges facing a young band: “…people think guitar music is dying out…you really have to have a different edge to your sound I think, especially with guitar music, and that’s becoming harder to get all the time”.

“It also doesn’t really help that venues promoting young bands keep their age limits to 18+.”

Harting’s debut material shows immense potential. It also serves as an invaluable reminder that great lasting music isn’t made on a computer. It’s made when three blokes lift a set of drum sticks, a guitar, and a microphone.