Introducing: Jamies Bea

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Jamies Bea - Dreams

Everything right down to his name screams of Jai Paul, but that doesn’t mean that Jamies Bea is a outspoken copycat. As far as structure goes, Bea has without-a-doubt pulled influence from Jai‘s catalogue, but surprisingly enough, it doesn’t sound at all forced. While each of his songs proudly wear Jai‘s shapeshifting electronica on their sleeve, the spliced beats and wonky vocals find a way to imbue a weird, but lovely sense of emotion.

Even through the haze of it all, songs like “tw10” and “Dreams” carry a weight of their own. “tw10” is a disparate arrangement of dance music and 80s pop, while “Dreams” is an abrasive display of soul and funk. They easily could have been plucked from Jai‘s infamously “leaked” album, but that certainly doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. In fact, no song of Bea‘s should be slept on simply because it resembles the man from Rayners Lane.

While I hate to pigeonhole the guy, it’s not hard to mention his name without mentioning Jai Paul‘s — but don’t let that cloud your judgement. His music may be earmarked for Paul, but it’s hard to argue with pure natural talent, and that is something that Bea has undoubtedly got.

Matt Pendrill

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