Introducing: Jeff Gitelman

Jeff Gitelman
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Somewhere, buried deep within an incomprehensible flurry of funk-savvy, video game-inspired, transient psychedelia, is a hollow, forward-moving guitar line that just won’t quit. It’s the shape-shifty, densely augmented experimentalism of Jeff Gitelman‘s new solo endeavors, made most tangible in his track “Let Go.” Jeff Gitelman, the blue-eyed soul maestro from Connecticut, hardly necessitates an introduction of this variety. Before forming his own neo-funk, acid jazz group The Stepkids, Gitelman served as a session guitarist for acts like Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent and Odd Future. His is a signature touch, living, breathing and bleeding a sultry spark of the blues.

It is clear that Jeff Gitelman is asserting a new kind of artistic liberty with his solo material. The tracks are restrained by warbling, glittery electronic production that fade in and out of the foreground like lucid, free-form jazz. He handles his own blue velvet vocals as if they were artificial synth parts, splicing and staggering soul, while a seductive and liltingly proficient guitar melody navigates you through the glorious pandemonium virtually unscathed. “Weirdo,” released in tandem with “Let Go,” showcases Gitelman‘s knack for songwriting, gracefully merging the two often combative forces of pop and DIY experimentalism. The track is a retro, breakbeat configuration that recycles downtempo 80s nostalgia for convoluted, electro-tinged future-soul. It’ll have your head spinning and your ass shaking. Watch Jeff Gitelman on guitar and lead vocals with his musical brethren The Stepkids, perform a jazz cover of Rihanna‘s “Stay.”

Angel E. Fraden

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