Introducing: Pablo Nouvelle

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Introducing: Pablo Nouvelle

In a fight for the forefront of electronic music, many producers have come and gone, but one man that we hope will be able to slug it out and push through it, is Swiss newcomer, Pablo Nouvelle.

After only one listen through his newest single “One More Chance,” it is easy to tell that his funky, part-soulful influence, is the collection of more than lush electronics and flecks of smooth vocals; it is a smarter, more freely flowing guise of soul music that leans into influences of Radiohead and Marvin Gaye.

On Pablo‘s other singles, his silky layering is hardly apprehensive of soulful samples as we hear in “You Do Me Wrong,” which is a wavering collection of striking guitars, crackly bits, and sensually smooth vocals. Other such singles like “Be True To Me” roam in similar waters, with the blissful taste of 50s soul over an array of drum fills.

What’s most surprising of Pablo Nouvelle‘s sound however is his loose affliction for the really electronic stuff. While not prominent on “You Do Me Wrong” and “Be True To Me,” singles like “Is It Ok” and “Winter in Helsinki” reveal his inclination towards mellow, glitchy electronic vibes.

So, after it all comes down to it, Pablo Nouvelle is a site to watch for in 2013. While we aren’t sure how much electronic infusion or soulful embrace to look out for, we will be satisfied either way as long as he continues with what he is currently doing.

Matt Pendrill

Editor-in-Chief | View all post →