Introducing: The Airplane Boys

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Introducing: The Airplane Boys

Not too often does the mergence between rap music and electronic music make for a flawless cross-over. The infusion of electronics — particularly house, dance, dubstep  — have only really seen a rise to immediacy these past few years, and only greatly so, this past year alone.

With chart topping artist’s further expanding their budgets to sample their electronic counterparts, hip-hop music has begun to see a changing face and those once classic turntables, aren’t proving to be nearly enough anymore.

One group that has been breaking into these borders with a following to-back, is Toronto’s hip-hop duo, The Airplane Boys. Combining mixtures of fist-pumping party beats, powerfully riding bass and the transitional lyricism of both MCs, Beck Motley and Bon Voyage, the duo are making a name for themselves with their fresh take on the seemingly redundant hip-hop landscape.

If you were lucky enough to have your eye on these boys earlier in the year you were most likely introduced to their free album, Alignment, its triumphant single, “Beau Monde” and the dubstep infused, “Parachutes.” Pieced together with a conglomeration of glaring synths and jam-packed house beats, both lyricists cut back-and-forth with flowing rhymes and infectious verses atop the sometimes spelbinding dance beats.

The most impressive feature of these boys though is their ability to stay consistent while still giving each single its own individuality. From tracks like, “Still Young,” “Affliction” and our personal favourite, “Escape,” the intoxicating mixture proves that you don’t need to be a fan of hip-hop to enjoy The Airplane Boys, you just need to be a fan of music.

Matt Pendrill

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