Iranian-Dutch Singer SEVDALIZA Shares Statement, Protest Track In Farsi

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What's This?

SEVDALIZA moved to the Netherlands from her birthplace of Iran on a high school basketball scholarship when she was 16. Over the past few years she’s gained an impressive following with her provocative form of left-field trap-pop (last month she dropped a remix featuring A$AP Ferg). In response to the recent travel ban on seven Muslim countries by Trump, SEVDALIZA has shared a statement along with a new track called “Bebin” sung in her native Farsi. Produced by longtime collaborator Mucky, the track is an eerie but nonetheless beautiful track that calls to mind the haunting melodies of Jefferson Airplane’s “Go Ask Alice.” All proceeds donated toward the new track “will be immediately transferred towards funds supporting victims of racial exclusion.” Listen below and donate here.

Read the lyrics of “Bebin”:

This feeling
Makes you feel grande
Yet this same feeling
Makes me feel small
Don’t oblige me what to feel
If I don’t feel it at all
You ask me how I feel
Yet close your eyes
To truth be told

Whatever it is you demand of me
My love for this world
My love personally
Is larger than life
This is my story

Read SEVDALIZA’s statement:

“In protest of the current inhumane political climate, I could not rest my head in privilege. I wrote ‘Bebin’ in Farsi, to solidify. I stand strong with love. In this case I choose to avoid mainstream media, because I have no interest in part taking in a victimized concept. As I will not be able to travel to the United States for indefinite duration, take this without lights, camera, action. I am solely a messenger. In the brain of love, there is no place for racism, nor bigotry.”

Watch Sevdaliza’s music video for “Human” below.

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