Jachary & The Stereo-Types Share Supergroup Single “Posse Cut #1”

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What's This?

Don’t sleep on Jachary–the bassist, producer and singer-songwriter who’s introduced an exciting new form of live R&B-pop to Brooklyn’s underground. Jachary assembles a powerful cast of local like-minded musicians for his newest original effort “Posse Cut #1”. Dubbed Jachary & The Stereotypes, this incredibly talented crew is a product of the connections and collaborations he’s made since breaking out solo from his old band The Pluto Moons. The slinky soul-funk bop features Akinyemi, Ben Katz (of L’Rain), Bohan Phoenix, Carmen Noelia, Dillon Treacy (of altopalo), Ebone Underground, Elbows, Granata, Grey, Pip, Synead, itsRalphTho, and Lionmilk. “We’re all just looking for that real thing,” they sing on the chorus between wild hooks from a horn section, “To make you feel a little bit better.” This jubilant funk joint is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Listen to Jachary & The Stereotypes’ “Posse Cut #1” via our YouTube channel above and bump it on Soundcloud below.

Angel E. Fraden

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