Jacob 2-2 Premieres New Track “Dear God (feat. Amalia)” Via Youngbloods

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Electronic producer Jacob 2-2 introduced a clean, high-octane world of brilliant pop-aligned beat music on his debut 2013 album Herbivore. But for his forthcoming Youngbloods release and newest LP, Dashed Marked Crossed, Jacob 2-2 makes a dramatic turn for darker sounds and more complicated themes. It’s a fifteen-track string of boisterous late-night club constructions, ruled by Jacob 2-2’s creative urge for chaos and calamity.

We’re thrilled to premiere the fifth track from Dashed Marked Crossed, featuring vocals by the enigmatic soul vocalist AMALIA (who collaborated with OPOLOPO on her breakout 2011 debut Art Slave). The single’s production might not be as heavy or progressive as the rest of the LP, but it’s bolstered by AMALIA’s despondent lyrics and passionate vocal delivery. “Ohhh lies, kill me / Heal this world, feel me / Why ya hurt me, when it’s all about love?” she sings over Jacob 2-2’s sleek interstellar grooves.

Listen to “Dear God” below.

Read a personal note from Jacob 2-2 about his Amalia collaboration “Dear God”:

“Between Amalia and I, it took 3 years to complete ‘Dear God’, probably because we were both going through particularly traumatic times in our lives and neither of us had the emotional energy to deal with it, though it eventually became a sort of catharsis. The pain of that time is certainly reflected in the lyrics. But I think the instrumental track is still a bit more upbeat, a nice contrast, reflecting a glimmer of hope that kept us from falling into despair. We also recently realized we were born on the exact same day, so maybe we are just indecisive Libras who can’t commit to any final creative decision.”

Angel E. Fraden

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