Julia Brown – “Without You”

Julia Brown - Without You
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Before I begin, I just want to go on the record and say that Orchid Tapes‘ newest compilation, Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes, is one of the most beautiful and underrated collections of music I’ve heard this year. All 13 acts that make up this lovely little set of music have their own distinctive sound, so if you’re looking for an honest and very sincere listening experience, I suggest you direct your attention [here].

For those of you that are wondering, one of the main reasons I brought up this record compilation was not to provide a sales pitch, but to focus on Julia Brown‘s sedentary lullaby, “Without You.” Like most of the band’s somber tunes, “Without You” starts off with Sam Ray lulling over a soft bed of synths while a wistful beat clicks in the background. As he sings the opening line—”What’s the point of the leaves changing colours, if I can’t watch them change with you”—Ray develops a symbiotic relationship between his lovely, mundane falsetto and the track’s lush and airy soundscape.

To get your hands on this song, and the rest of those featured on Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes, head over to Orchid Tapes’ Bandcamp [here]. Alternatively, if you’re interested in having this on vinyl, then make sure to order yourself a copy [here].

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