kai OD – “Blue Wave”

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What's This?

Sonic innovation defines kai OD, a 21-year-old native of the San Francisco Bay area. Recently, he dropped “Blue Wave,” the newest single from his upcoming sophomore project TimeLapse. His multidimensional artistry transcends traditional barriers between acoustic and electronic genres. By blending live instrumentation with captivating digital production, he freely blurs the line between the “natural” and the “synthetic,” creating a unique sound defined as “ocean soul.” The ocean is not only the essence of his music but defines his name; the tracks offers listeners a sense of submersion. kai OD’s moniker reflects his music and inspires his audience to look within, allowing them to discover self-worth, rather than externally.

Blue Wave is a vibe-driven, feel good track. It echoes the inspiration of spring as a time to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and look toward the future. The song starts ambient, giving the listener a feeling of floating in water or, paradoxically, on air. OD skillfully moves through rhyme schemes and flows that keep the listener in constant state of transition. The ebb and flow of his sonic textures and virtuosic lyricism are magnified through the prominent use of live instrumentation (bass by Olu Odubiro, and guitar by kai OD himself). The final statement, a call and response between himself and female vocalist Arabena, perfectly sums up the song in one line: “Go and take a dip in the sound” are the last words of this track, just the beginning of what is to come from this versatile artist.

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