Kanye West Samples Arthur Russell On “30 Hours”

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As a human, living in 2016 with internet access means voluntarily subjecting yourself to the hailstorm of bullshit that is Kanye West‘s social media presence and general way of being. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the nonsense, which we won’t bother referencing here, and become blinded to the fact that this man has some incredible creative instincts. Musically, Kanye West is an unpredictable freak of nature.

He calls it himself on the first line of his newest track (“They say they never saw this comin’, well you’re not alone”), “30 Hours,” featuring a heavy sample of Arthur Russell‘s “Answers Me” from World of Echo. It’s a stunning, subdued number that revolves around the deceased singer-songwriter’s frail vocals and hollow instrumentation. The track is reported to be included in the latest update of Kanye’s ever-changing tracklist for his next LP, The Life of Pablo.

Angel E. Fraden

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