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Los Angeles-based pop duo KNOWER could barely be contained on their small stage. The group, made up of Genevieve Artadi, Louis Cole and a third touring musician, played to a sold out show at Aisle 5 in Atlanta, GA.

Bassist-drummer duo Edit Bunker opened up for KNOWER. The sound of their technical, hyper-fun set was mirrored with big-screen projected visuals.

You’d be forgiven for wondering why KNOWER wasn’t playing a much larger venue. The band’s sound is massive and their energy is absolutely electric. KNOWER’s masterful antics have seen them recording with Snarky Puppy for their “Family Dinner Vol. 2.”

The band’s wikipedia page lists KNOWER as an “indietronic” band, but anyone acquainted with their music will know that genre isn’t something quite applicable to the band. Hard electronic sounds definitely run through their music, but it’s hard to miss the refined musicality that makes itself known in their songs. Artadi and Cole both come from jazz-school backgrounds, and their jazz and funk chops shine on stage.

Go see KNOWER while you can see them up close. Before you know it, they could be selling out a stadium near you.

Watch KNOWER perform “Overtime” live.

Bradley Tilka

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