kurt.riley+praxis Enliven Our Senses With “FTR SHK”

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What's This?

Artist Kurt Riley is an enigma of sorts. The Ithaca, New York-based musician has just released his first single with his newest musical project, kurt.riley+praxis. The video for the song, “FTR SHK”, radiates a futuristic sci-fi energy. The blue and black chromatic color scheme, paired with grainy, static visuals over Riley’s black dementor-style cape evokes a certain sense of doom, a vision of a robotic and soulless world. There’s an eerie synth riff that hits right before the chorus, forewarning the unknown: future shock.

Stemming from a colorful background of musical influences, Riley describes his latest endeavor, Chrome Empire, (10 tracks released in partnership with New Vine Records) as “a merging of rock and roll with electronic music”. “FTR SHK” is tactfully composed, featuring hard drums with bass and guitar parts that satisfy that rock mentality, juxtaposed against the supernatural sounding keys. His raspy vocals are soothing, despite the heavy themes he sings about.
It’s always enticing to step into the world of a musician’s unique artistic vision, check out Kurt’s here: