L.A.’s Ray William Roldan Sings What He Knows

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What's This?

R.W. Roldan’s music doesn’t come off as particularly contemporary and on first listen it might even sound like it’s from a different time. But beneath the country twang and old-timey charm, Ray William Roldan is telling a very modern story. A story about a place, a story about change, and a story about not being able to recognize one’s hometown through the vale of progress and time marching on.

Roldan comes from a different time and place, and in many ways, the world he grew up in no longer exists. His debut solo record Can You Feel This goes a long way to eloquently tell the story of the world he knows set to a gorgeous Americana soundtrack that puts the listener directly into the mind of an old-school outlaw.

Can You Feel This seamlessly mixes blues, country, folk, and just a hint of rock ‘n roll to create that genre-defining Americana sound. While Roldan’s completely believable storytelling ties the record together to make it so much more than just another southern storyteller from a time long since past.

Roldan’s new tunes really sound like they are coming from a man who woke up in an America he didn’t recognize and sought out to make sense of it. In this day and age, I think that’s a feeling we can all relate too.

Like all great music, there is a layer of authenticity to R.W. Roldan’s new record. Perhaps even more important than the songs themselves Roldan sings them like the man who owns them. These are stories from his life that he is bearing to the listener to highlight his piece of America whether it is understood or not.

Roldan is a soul-shaking singer-songwriter who sings with just a hint of danger in his voice. His songs may not be aggressive rock tunes, but something in the lyrics calls out that this is a man who has lived through his share of life.