Lapalux – "One Thing (feat. Jenna Andrews)"

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Lapalux - One Thing (feat. Jenna Andrews)

Getting a start as an electronic producer isn’t easy, but as anyone who has taken-up the profession will tell you, the place to start is Brainfeeder Records. Brainfeeder Records, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is an affable electronic label that features some of the hottest up-and-coming producers like Flying Lotus (who is also the owner and founder), The Gaslamp Killer and Teebs. It is comprised of a few select acts, each of whom have been able to gain traction on the label in recent years, but most notably, Lapalux.

After releasing his highly anticipated album Nostalchic a couple of weeks ago, Lapalux has remained relatively quite. Be it a part of his mystic, or his high dependence on his label, he hasn’t really done much in the way of promotion. So thankfully for us, we were still lucky enough to have stumbled across “One Thing (feat. Jenna Andrews),” an under-appreciated taste of his most recent LP.

On the face of it, there isn’t really much to go off of, but upon further analysis one can really begin to appreciate the work of the young London producer. The layering and textures felt on “One Thing” are truly spectacular! Water droplets and rainforest samples drip down the backbone of the track while swishing synths pull the track forward. Despite its cacophony of layers, the track feels all but minimal. Jenna Andrews‘ smooth and sensual vocals slow the track down to a even flowing pace, but just as it feels like the song will begin to slip forward, you are pulled back into a dreamy aura of lush and fully immersive sounds.

Despite its sexual appeal, the track comes across as quite luxurious. Through the warm and minimalistic electronics, a rich vibe begins to resonate. So when it is finally paired up with Jenna Andrews‘ heart-melting vocals, the song becomes all that more delightful. If there was every a song to leave you with that tingly feeling, this would have to be it.

Matt Pendrill

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