Leon of Athens – “Global”

Leon of Athens - Global
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Leon of Athens, or León Veremis as he is known to the Greeks, is a relatively fresh face here in North America. Since beginning his music career back in 2009, the singer/songwriter has kept a pretty low-profile on this half of the prime meridian. Even after gracing the pages of the New York Times and giving an appearance on Greece’s equivalent of The Daily Show, he hasn’t ventured much further than his homeland. Hoping to change his luck, Veremis has given his band a fresh coat of paint and chosen a new path from which to follow.

In “Global,” the title track from Veremis’ forthcoming record, we find the songwriter incorporating many elements of his past material into the song. A guitar, trombone and a number of synths make their way into the mix where they are fused together to create a swirly concoction that is both friendly and inviting. As a result, it becomes very apparent that León has attempted to graft the Basque countryside with the glimmering lights of a midtown concert hall. However odd this combination may seem, he has made it work. And if “Global” is any indicator of what’s to come, we can expect to hear a lot more of this Athenian in the coming months.

Matt Pendrill

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