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What's This?

This Thursday, the NYU Program Board booked three enormously talented acts for a free concert billed “The Jazz Show.” While all three groups certainly found solace in the lucid, free-form blueprint of jazz, the bands performing were hardly constricted to genre–instead fully embracing the experimental nature of their hybridized sounds. Brooklyn four-piece The Breathing Effect kicked off “The Jazz Show,” their somber and salient tracks delving into a psychedelic, prog-rock strain of future soul à la Brainfeeder or Stones Throw. The group released their debut self-titled EP earlier this year via Los Angeles’ Alpha Pup Records, a sauntering six-track release that’s equal parts Grizzly Bear and Sun Ra.

Local rapper Salomon Faye followed The Breathing Effect, doing much to capitalize upon the invigorating precedent energies. The seasoned MC was joined by a five-piece future-leaning R&B band and rapper Enasni Leber, re-configuring tracks like “Alchemy” and “Faye” with a fresh, poignant flare. Wiki from Ratking stood front row center grinning from ear to ear.           

Badbadnotgood had total and complete control of its audience, all NYU students or guests of the artists performing. Halfway through the set, drummer Alexander Sowinski evoked a violent mosh pit with his powerful rhythms and encouraging words to go wild. Renditions of tracks like “Can’t Leave the Night” and “CS60” were accelerated and frenzied, taking on more vehement vibes with hip-hop-abiding instrumental productions. Intermittently, though, Badbadnotgood would slide into softer, more suave songs like the languid “Differently, Still” and the pedantic and gyrating groove of the unreleased “Velvet.” This was not a show to be missed. Stream Badbadnotgood’s interpretation of Future Island‘s “Seasons (Waiting On You)” below.

Angel E. Fraden

Head Editor | DJ | Amateur Rave Maker | Photographer | aef351@nyu.edu / https://soundcloud.com/angelitofraden/ View all post →