Live: Flume @ The Opera House

Flume - Live The Opera House
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When I think of Flume fans, I tend to think of a bunch of Boiler Room junkies and plaid-covered hipsters. After visiting Flume’s recent set at Toronto’s historic Opera House, though, I have a whole new perception of Harley Streten and the people that gravitate towards his music.

While attending his glitzy, high-energy show, I was surprised by the eclectic mix of audience members: some where hipsters, some were average Joes, but for the most part, many seemed to be ravers. You know, the ones with Neon apparel, sunglasses and a flowery, sweat-drenched headband. Surprising as it may have been, it did not detract from Flume’s performance, which was nothing short of EPIC!

Seeing as most of his songs are anchored by a deep, driving beat, getting the crowd “going” was simple enough. As if his music wasn’t engaging enough, placed right in-front of Harley and his mixer was a show-y, light-filled hexagon which had myself and the rest of the crowd lost in its sea of colour.

Accompanying this showpiece was a series of perfectly co-ordinated images, which were projected behind Harley. When the beat dropped, so did the lights and video. It was at this point that everyone — hipsters and ravers alike — hit the dance floor to show their appreciation for Flume and revel in his insatiable electronic tunes; it didn’t matter who you were or what you were wearing, Flume had you on your knees begging for more.

Photos by Drew Stewart

Matt Pendrill

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